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April 24th at the Restaurant Charelston, where Chef Cindy Wolf and her staff will pair vintages of my wines with her food. Service is Michelin starred quality. Come join us!    SOLD OUT... call to be put on waiting list.


My 8th vintage of Dry Creek Valley Cabernet is dark inky purple, with multiple and complex legs that last for minutes, hinting at the future: the initial legs are fat and slow but segue into medium legs followed by fast thin ones. We love the classic aromas from Ricci Vineyards. I get sweet oak, sawdust, and cedar box. There are hints of cherry cola, blueberry, and aromatic French herbs. Perhaps even a wisp of milk chocolate and red fruit. The flavors show both red and blue fruits, balanced against ethereal cherry cola and sweet oak. The texture is broad but not dense, and coherent from start to finish. The mouthfeel is elegantly balanced. From mid palate on I get a soft creaminess that ends with alcohol and lip-smacking. 195 cases.

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My 7th vintage of Dry Creek Valley Cabernet is gorgeous and could be our best yet. Dark purple, with inviting aromas of red and blue fruit. There are hints of forest, candied boysenberry, and wisps of citrus. The oak is once again restrained, balanced and deliciously sweet. There are hints of fresh sawdust, cedar, and sandalwood that segues perfectly to fruit and acid flavors. The after taste goes on for days. The mouthfeel is as elegant as I've had from any California Cabernet - reminsicent of the old world styles of Napa in 1986 and the more modern 2007 vintages. The tannins flow from beginning to end: refined, polished, and almost unoticeable because of the balance between fruit, acids, vineyard dust, and barrel oak. Is it blue fruit or red fruit? The textures are fantastic from mid palate on... there's near perfection between creaminess, alcohol, cleanliness, and lip-smacking-ness! 213 cases (Down to 14 cases).

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Old world meets new world... and as good as any Merlot I've tasted... Ever wonder if Petrus at $500 a bottle or the killer Italian red, Le Macchiole at $325, was worth it? Now you will... This merlot has spice, red fruit, cherry cola, black currants and chocolate notes... and an aftertaste that goes on for days... fantastic flavors and absurd pricing... At $100 this stuff is a lay up for serious red drinkers. Most of the best reds in the world use Merlot becuase of it's characteristics as a blending grape... here we turn the tables on the wine world and create elegance and royalty.  Limited production of 71 cases, SOLD OUT.


Purple, with alluring aromas of blue fruits, cocoa, and sweet cedar. Perfectly balanced and quaffable. Most similar to the 2012. Drinking beautfully in the 750ml (tasted December 2021) which means this large format can go at least another 4 to 7 years.


The Captain’s Cabernet is for Apes who believe life gives us choices and opportunities even if we’re bored to death.

This vintage is a dark inky purple, with multiple and complex legs that last for minutes, hinting at the future: the initial short fat slow ones segue to medium fast and finally two or three lines tease you to wait. We love the classic aromas from Ricci Vineyards (terroir for sure). We get sweet oak sawdust and cedar box, hints of cherry cola, blueberry, and French but gentle aromatic herbs. A wisp or two of milk chocolate and red fruit hovers in the glass forever it seems. 

Tasting it reminds me of the 2009 with red and blue fruits balanced up against cola and sweet oak. There's the usual lip smacking but this vintage drinks with a powerful elegance. The terroir of Dry Creek Valley, with grapes and French oak highlight the broad palate of a red wine with delightful lingering flavors and polyphenols. A great way to be bored.   And remember that a Magnum is 2 bottles of 750 ml bottles of wine!

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