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Eifrig Cellars LLC

 About Us

David Eifrig

We believe in traditions and are committed to the highest quality wine from real materials and minimal manipulation: that means grapes, natural yeasts, wooden barrels roasted over fires, bottles, and real corks.

Jim Ricci and Phyllis ZouzounisIt takes two to Tango and these two are professional wine-dancers in my book. Jim has been growing grapes for decades, and Phyllis making wine for even longer. Our tastebuds come together a few times a year to put it all together. The picture is from a Sonoma County Harvest Fair years ago where Jim and Phyllis brought home top awards... this is the night I fell in love...

Nothing's possible without friends helping others learn...

These two women are masters at making me strive toward the ideal.


Friends and Family

It takes a team