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David Eifrig
October 15, 2017 | David Eifrig

Founding Member Release

Dear EC Founding Member,

I sincerely thank you for joining me early last year in the launch of my wine venture… and now more than a year and a half later I’ve got another exciting announcement…

As an early supporter of Eifrig Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, I wanted to make sure you had the first opportunity to purchase my next release: The Dry Creek Valley 2014 Eifrig Cabernet Sauvignon.

We’ve sold out of our first three vintages: the 2009 vintage within 3 months of its release, the 2012 gone nearly as quickly, and then this spring’s release of the 2013 essentially sold out within a month.

I hope you’ve grown to appreciate the difference in each vintage, but also the similarities. It’s because the product is alive; between the grape, the weather, the soil nutrients, and even the French oak and coopers that toast the barrels, it’s been fun for me to watch each year take form.

The folks helping me craft these small batch wines (so far we’ve made 90 to 125 cases each time) bring decades of grape growing, winemaking, barrel crafting and plain old enthusiasm to the undertaking.

One of the things I’m most proud of is that we actively refuse to use fruit flavorings, preservatives, and strange chemicals with long frightening names. This is something not so true with several of the big name Cabs these days. I hope I never sacrifice my desire to use just great grapes, yeast, wood, and fire.

If you’re getting this email, you’ve bought one of the first 3 vintages and with that, as promised, your price is good for the first decade (at least!).

The latest vintage has seen nearly 3 years of aging in barrels and bottle. And again, I’ve put it up against great wines from all over the world and even had my first vertical of Eifrig this summer at our 28th annual Eify Open Golf tournament in Northern Minnesota. Eifrig Cabernet rocks!

The 2014 is truly the most elegant wine we’ve made to date. It has characteristics of all 3 earlier vintages… some of the old-world French style of balance and gentleness of the 2009. Yet in the glass, within minutes of pouring, many of us swear it’s actually the 2012 (balanced and perfectly fruity like the best out of Napa). And for those of you who loved the quaffability of the 2013… this has that in spades.

The provenance of the wine is the same:

The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were grown in the Dry Creek Valley, on a small plot farmed by a good friend of mine – Jim. The wine was aged for 2 plus years, in mostly new French oak (the mix is a secret!). Finally, the wine is bottle-aged until the day you open it.

When you first experience the ’14 you might discover there’s a beautiful softness and gentleness of fruit that’s married perfectly to the oak. The flavors are mystical to me each time I’ve tried it. Here are notes from last night:

The wine is a vibrant purple, with multiple layers of legs: starting with short fat slow ones and going to long narrow ones over the first minute. Aromas of sweet cedar, notes of cola, blueberry, and French herbs. A wisp or two of milk chocolate over the first 20 minutes.

The wine tastes of dark cocao, dry but with a hint of sweet. There’s blue fruits and cola notes that fade to a lip smacking dryness. The oak is buried perfectly, not the headliner the 2013 was. The balance is amazing, and smooth. It matched a Bolognese and grilled Caesar salad perfectly.

After an hour, this is as pretty a wine as I can recall drinking in the last decade. It’s delicate, and perfectly balanced with gorgeous aromas balanced by perfectly delicate and gentle flavors typical with the greatest Bordeaux and elegant new world Cabs. At 100% Cab, I’m not sure what I could improve on. The aromas and tastes of salted caramel, on chocolate dipped pretzels… sweet, cocoa, salt, baked bread are mesmerizing.

And this from my tasting notes just a week ago:

The wine is a dark purple, though not as dense as the 2013. The clarity is brilliant, almost diamond like. The legs are incredibly complex and multiple layers and levels. Some thick, some thin and fleeting.

Aromas of sweet cedar sawdust, cassis, cracked pepper, and a slight sense of roasted olives. There's also a tease of candied stewed purple fruits, blueberries?. After an hour in my glass I sense caramelized cherries. There's alcohol but it’s not hot nor off putting.

The wine tastes and swishes cherry cola and soft sweet oak. There’s hints of blue and red fruits. The after taste is gorgeous, simple and delicate. But again leaves me wanting more, and like all the vintages of Eifrig, we've finished the bottle before we knew it. YUM.

It’s hard to compare, but if the 13 was a whiskey drinking man’s wine, this is the yin of that yang.

And like the 2009, the balance is perhaps even more perfect. Spouses learning about red wines will clean out the cellar if they taste this one (so get extra and hide some for yourself… I’m serious!)

By the way, the price on the 2014 has gone up to $125 a bottle but you’re locked in to your original discounted pricing.

If you would still like to order some of the 2013 vintage, I have a few bottles in the library for you.

I'm expecting to sell out our entire production before next year, so don't delay.

Also, please send me a return email, simply earmarking the amounts you’d like, so you don’t get left off the RESERVE list. This stuff could go quickly as I’ve made less than 100 cases this year.

And again, thank you for making this possible…

Here's to your health, wealth, and a great retirement,



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